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    For most people photography is about keeping the records of the events, but I believe it should be about the expression, communication. It should be evoking emotions and excitement. Photography is about creating beautiful illusions and energizing your personal experience. Good photograph should grab the viewer. It is not what you see in the photo, but how you see it.

    For me a good photo is not just a documentation of events; it is an interpretation. It shows the experience, the feeling.. It changes the reality. I strive to find that special feeling.

  • Philosophy

    I want you to have fun and look at yourself in a lighter light. You can be a mysterious character or a silly one I can work with both.

    If you expect formal, cut out portrait I suggest you find someone else to do it for you.

    I like to have fun when I work and do not like high stress situations. I want my clients to enjoy themselves and forget about the process.

    Be in the moment, breathe and have fun looking at your photos years later!

Welcome to Shot by Angie!

Welcome to Shot By Angie!

I am based in New Westminster BC and photography is my business and my passion.

You can count on me for your head-shots, family photos or fun projects. I work with realtors, actors, bands and all kinds of other interesting people.

I stay away from traditional wedding photography, but I can recommend some friends if you looking for this type of service. However if you are getting married hanging upside down on the mountain, or doing some other outrageous activity please ring me up! I love to have fun when working with clients!

I do not do a boudoir photography, I prefer rolling in the mud or hanging on the beach.

With that said I am open to your ideas of fun photography I will add my creative touch and together we create something extra special.

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