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Gone to the dogs and back……

I have to admit that I started my professional career in photography taking pictures of people. Mostly Rock musicians while having fun on  and off  the stage.

Then I gave up the dream of working with the camera  for a while and when I made my come back after the years I started with the dogs. I created Off Leash Photography that strictly deals with the pets and quite frankly it is the most rewarding kind of work. There is nothing better then rolling in the mud with pooches and getting your face liked in the process.

When you photograph “men’ s best friend”, the humans do step in the frame and this is pretty much how “Shot by Angie” started..

Well, I cannot forget about 7 millions of photos of my son that are still not organized…

January 27, 2009 - 8:03 pm

Jo-jo - What an interesting website… appealing and refreshing to read….thank you, Angie….

I’ll certainly pass your name along to friends….